Sri Manavalamamunigal kainkarya trust, a registered religious trust established in the year 2019 at Sriperumbudur,Kanchipuram district. The trust has been active right from its establishment by carrying out kainkaryams at the Aadhikesava Sri Bhashyakara swamy temple,Sriperumbudur predominantly on azhvar aacharyargal avathara utsavams

Mission & Vision
The trust focuses on celebrating the azhvar aacharya’s utsavadhigal in a grand manner by contributing towards kainkaryams such as Pushpam( Garlands), Prasadam( Food), Vaadhya katcheri( Instruments during procession), Vahana Purapadu( Deity Procession),kovil thirupani( temple renovation,restoration) and reinitiation of utsavadhigal that got stopped years ago due to absence of funds and donors
According to the saying “ Little strokes will tumble great oakes” we have started small by focussing on a single temple and its utsavams,we would like to grow big and expand our kainkaryams to other divyadesams also. Not stopping with that, the vision ensivages the spread of sanathanadharma to mankind by possible means and involve them in “Emperumanaar Dharisanam”

How we do the Kainkaryams
A standalone tree does not become an orchard, similarly no single person can do all the kainkaryams
As per Kodhai naachiyaar, Koodi irundhu Kulurndhelo,
we collect funds/donations from aasthikas and perform the kainkaryams( Receipts issued)
It doesn’t stop only with the donation, we also request the aasthikas to come and witness the celebration,involve in the celebration and get the blessing of the emperumaan and emperumaanaar

Our Team
Kidambi Rangaswamy Kannan- President
Ozhapakkam Madabusi Narasimhan- Chairman
Thirumalai Nambakkam Ragavan- Trustee
Kidambi Sudarsanam Abishek- Trustee
Kandadhai Nandakumar Yatindrapravanan- Trustee
Kovil Kandadhai Appan Sarvaboauman – Trustee
Narasimhan Ramanjuam- Trustee
Narasimhan Veeraragavan- Trustee Sriperumbudur Asuri Shreyas-Trustee

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